Doctrine of the Tongue

Proverbs 18:21

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit there of.”

Now, this is a verse in the word of God that clearly teaches that, This little muscular organ within the human body -the tongue…. literally holds the power of life as well as, the power of death. There is a lot to say about this particular verse without hastily going over it to… Death of course is the absence of life… It is in the Hebrew (MAWVETH)…. And then life is (CHAY) it is pronounced much differently than the word would appear to be…it’s an adjective and it means… Vigorous energy that results in living.

Now death and life are in the power of the tongue. The instrument of speech, and they that love it…..take delight in it…. Incline their minds towards it shall eat the fruit there of.
So it is the habitual use of this little member that determines its fruit. The curse of destroying others returned upon himself or the administering a blessing to others and his own soul will be fed.

Doctrine of the tongue….. A silver Tongue Edifies.

The first thing about the tongue…obviously in Proverbs the 10: 20 God speaks of a what?
Say it…. Silver tongue…… now a silver tongue is a special kind of tongue, we would say it is a tongue that redeems would we not….What else would you say about a silver tongue? From the positive side of the tongue with the tongue has the power of life. What else would you say? Silver tongue means what? What does the silver tongue do?  It edifies.

Ephesians 4:29…..let no corrupt communication proceed out of our mouth but to that for the use of edifying that it may Minister Grace to the hearer…. So a silver tongue does what? Edifies and ministers grace to the listener… A silver tongue builds up The listener and ministers something that the hearers does not deserve to listen to…. Can you imagine millions of people in the universe not speaking unless they say something to the listener that he does not deserve to hear.

Can you imagine that? That would be heaven. Here is the third thing that the silver tongue does……..The Silver tongue speaks the truth in love…… If one speaks the truth in love he must be speaking the truth in?
In the power of the Holy Spirit….. Because the holy spirit sheds what? Love abroad in our frames of reference… So the silver tongue Ephesians 4:15 speaks the truth in the love that the holy spirit sheds abroad in his heart….Now here is the fourth thing a silver tongue does…. In Colossians 4:6 and let your speech be seasoned with salt….
What does salt symbolize in the Bible?

Resurrection life, where is it in the Bible where it says they could not make an offering without salt…Leviticus 2:13… They could not make an offering before the Lord without salt. That means we cannot offer God anything acceptable outside of his resurrection life. What is another thing that salt does?It preserves ….. Salt also make you very thirsty.

It makes others thirsty so we preserve….and if there was 10 people in Sodom and Gomorrah The nation would have been preserved. Salt does that….. To a nation… The client nation could be preserved over people that live in the gift of God’s righteousness and walk in the light of his grace. Salt also makes people thirsty it also produces resurrection life and therefore we let our speech be seasoned in those qualities of life.
That’s the silver tongue.

The Bible also says our lips shall praise thee in Psalms 63:3…and the lips of the righteous build up in Proverbs 10:2 and the lips of God’s people are wise as in Proverbs 14:3….These are people that have a silver tongue and this beautiful verse in first Kings teaches us in 12:7 we speak godly words. And in second Chronicles 10:7 we speak Godly words…. So here’s a person that has a silver tongue, and they build up and they edify and they speak godly and they speak in light and they speak in unconditional love and they minister grace to the hearer… And they build up the person that is around them and they produce thirst for God…..because of what comes out of their mouth… They also do not in anyway speak words that would destroy or cut down their entire speech is redemptive.

The silver tongue principle….remember that…

Now let’s take the negative aspect of the tongue…

This is always an interesting study. The power of death in the tongue.

Romans 1:29, psalms 12, James 3…Three sections..